Apok Technology, Inc. creates some great products including our own ecommerce platform plus a few helpful ColdFusion components, and coming soon, ColdFusion Web services.

Ecommerce Platform & Tools

CoolFire Commerce

CoolFire Commerce is a fully customizable and expandable ecommerce platform. It is designed to give you full control over your ecommerce website while maintaining simple functionality and ease of use. In addition to a rich shopping experience, CoolFire provides product catalog options and a streamlined checkout process that helps convert browsers to buyers. The result? a streamlined, efficient business processes that will ultimately increase your bottom line.

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ColdFusion Components

Over the years Apok Technology, Inc. has built many ecommerce websites and with those, integrated many third party APIs. Following is just a select few that you can purchase to give you a head start on your project. Included are PayPal,, FedEx and USPS.

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ColdFusion Web Services

Coming soon!

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